Horticultural Pumice Stone – 20 kg Sack


Buy Pumice Stone in Bangkok

Our product is premium quality of Lombok pumice stone imported from Indonesia in 20~22 Kg sacks.

Available in 4 sizes: 00 (1-3 mm), 01 (3-6 mm), 02 (5-8 mm), SSS (1-2 cm)

Deliver to all around Thailand.

Please contact to buy wholesale horticultural Pumice stone in Thailand with special price and free delivery in Bangkok (over 50 Sack).

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All about Horticultural Pumice

As you might know it, pumice is simply solidified foam that has been formed as a result of lava rich with gas. It is characterized by so many pores that look like bubbles and irregular cavities that hold water. It is widely used for boosting soil fertility in garden soil and horticulture due to its natural properties. It is odorless, lightweight, inorganic, sterile, and does not break, compact, decompose, or even rot. These properties make it so useful and that is where horticultural pumice comes in.

What is horticultural pumice?

This refers to solidified foam with numerous pores used for amending garden soils. It helps improve soil drainage and aeration. It also boosts the water retention properties of the soil. Pumice helps loosen the density of heavy clay soils. It is best suited for plants that require excellent drainage and air circulation such as succulents and cacti.

Horticultural pumice has a neutral PH and contains trace elements that are useful for plant growth and sustenance. It reduces water runoff and increases soil absorption capabilities in sandy soils.

Benefits of Horticultural Pumice

Pumice for horticulture as a soil additive is greatly beneficial to plants for a number of reasons. Adding barely 10 percent of pumice to any garden soil mix is sufficient to show results.

Some of the benefits of horticultural pumice include the following;

  • It is porous in nature hence acting like a sponge that holds water for use as and when needed by the plants. It substantially minimizes watering needs by about 35 percent.
  • It has very little trace minerals and that means it does not break down but rather remains unchanged and improves soil structure.
  • It helps remove odor in compost pile and regulates moisture.
  • It is used as attractive, beneficial and longer lasting mulch.
  • It enhances soil drainage and helps prevent the soil from getting saturated with water. This is particularly important during heavy rains or instances where there is excessive irrigation.
  • It helps loosen heavy soils such as clay and prevent it from compacting. This greatly improves soil aeration making it easier for plant roots to take up oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. This is necessary for optimal plant growth.

Best use Practices for horticultural pumice

To enjoy the many benefits of pumice for horticulture, you can use about 10% of it of any garden soil. As for succulents, at least half of the potting soil should be pumice. Pumice can also work as a standalone product but it is also good if you can add some nutrients and beneficial microbes. If you consider this, ensure it is soaked in the nutrient solution for 24 hours before being transferred to the garden soil.

Horticultural pumice is so much beneficial to plants and tuff. It is porous, lightweight, odorless, PH neutral, neutral when it comes to buoyancy, moisture absorbent, inorganic and never breaks. These are some of the reasons why it is so much useful in horticulture. It is ideal for improving soil aeration, porosity, and density.


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 70 × 45 × 15 cm

00 (1-3 mm), 01 (3-6 mm), 02 (5-8 mm), SSS (1-2 cm)


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